About Us

Paige & Katherine: The Skoop Sisters

We grew up in a house where dessert was a given and ice cream was always in the freezer. Didn’t matter what time of year; you could count on a couple pints of Moose Tracks, Birthday Cake or Maine Blueberry ice cream stored at the ready. We have a love for all things confectionary, but an ice cream capade has always captured our curiosity best. As we wrote this, an ice cream truck drove by our house and it was all we could do not to grab a handful of quarters and run out to the street.

Over the years of new shops and countless pints, we decided to make it our mission to expand our adventures in ice cream to both coasts; explore, enjoy and report back.

And if you're wondering why it's "skoop" not "scoop," it's a nod to our last name...

Who said you need warm weather to have a scoop or two? Life is better à la mode!  


The Skoop Sisters

Fun Facts


Favorite Flavor: Coffee Oreo

Favorite Cone: Cake

When not eating ice cream: finding a different kind of food establishment


Favorite Flavor: Bubblegum

Favorite Cone: Waffle

When not eating ice cream: tackling her next baking challenge